The goods purchased in our store may be subject to a complaint in the following way:

  • Prepare the product for the complaint and information that will allow us to confirm the purchase - for example, a sales document or invoice,
  • fill in the complaint form available on our website,
  • pack the product and send it back in a parcel paid in advance to:

"ARIANA" Producent Odzieży Damskiej

Agata Salamon

ul. Nowickiej 33

96-127 Lipce Reymontowskie


Within 14 days of receiving the package, we consider the complaint and provide you with our feedback. If the complaint is recognized, you receive a product free of defects or we replace the product with a new one.

The differences between the photograph of the product and its actual appearance resulting from the computer hardware settings, e.g. color, proportions, etc. are not subject to complaints. Complaints will not be considered also in the case of discoloration and mechanical damage such as: torn off cloth, abrasions, and improper fitting of clothing, as well as mechanical damage of zippers, gums, tapes and decorative elements, the convenience of clothing, improper maintenance of clothing and natural wear out.Remember that most of our dresses are made of delicate fabrics and laces that need special attention while using.

A PDF file with a complaint form is available here: download

Please be advised that at an online dispute resolution platform between consumers and entrepreneurs at EU level (online Dispute Resolution) is available.